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2017 KVFD 35th Annual Mexican Supper

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Welcome to Kendalia.org

Kendalia.org was established as a site to explore the history and current events of the Kendalia, Texas area. On this site you will find some of the history of the community of Kendalia, the families that settled in the area, significant events in its history, as well as organizations and current events for the community.

We welcome your comments and suggestions for the site and its content.

Kendalia sign plaque

In this section, you will find most of the history of the community of Kendalia and current items of interest. Information has been collected from a number of sources and individuals. We welcome your comments and suggestions on this information to improve its accuracy or to add additional information.

So relax, grab the mouse, and start exploring Kendalia History and events.

Library sign sign

In this section, you will be able to explore the unique collections that are available in the Kendalia Library. You will also get an overview of the current programs and events that are hosted by the library. The special summer and fall "story time" events for children and other available programs are explored in greater detail.

Ready to find a good book? Ready for "story time" adventures? Then start exploring this section!

Community Club sign sign

The Kendalia Community Club is a focal point for members of the community to gather together each month to visit, meet new members of the community, exchange recent information, or revisit past events with each other. This club also seeks ways to establish a greater community fellowship among the members of the community.

To find the meeting time for the next Community Club meeting or information on past, current and future activities, click the Community Club link.

Study Club cookbook

The Kendalia Neighbors' Study Club was organized to promote fellowship and the education of its members in new technologies that impact the home and family.

To find the meeting time for the next Neighbors' Study Club meeting or information about the club and future activities, click the Study Club link.

Bunco Club dice

The Kendalia Bunco Club was organized to promote the fellowship and entertainment of its members in the community.

Ready for a good game of Bunco? Click on the Bunco Club link to find out the next meeting time for the games to begin!

Fire Department logo truck

The Kendalia Volunteer Fire Department exists to protect the lives and property of those in the Community.

To find out more about the volunteer organization, its activities and its needs check out this section.

Businesses church plaque

To gather an overview of the businesses and community organizations that exist in the Kendalia area, check out this section.


Information on the organization of Kendalia.org and the design and hosting of the website are presented in this section.