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Kendalia Bunco Club

There are no official records for the Bunco Club. Oral histories have been obtained to try to determine when the club formed and who were members of the group. Only a single record letter was found for 1985 in which there was a listing of 20 members in the group for that year.

In searching through journals belonging to Norma Krause, it was noted that Bunco was played at a party on February 10, 1975. It was also noted that Carol Rodgers was instrumental in the organization of this club. The Rodgers lived in the community in 1975 - 1976. So we can only assume that the Bunco Club started round 1975.

We do know that Bunco was a serious game for some of the ladies. They would get very engrossed in playing and did not want to be disturbed by any outside happening or other party discussions. You had to be careful whose Bunco you captured as you could withdraw a very scratched hand!