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History of the Community Club

The Beginning

On November 8, 1940, a group of Kendalia women met and formed the first Kendalia Community Club. Its life was a very short one for on January 15, 1941, it was renamed the Parent-Teachers Club.

Minutes of the first meeting are as follows:

"November 8, 1940, Kendalia Community Club -- A meeting was called the afternoon of the 8th of November for the purpose of encouraging the interest of the people in the school and the welfare of the children. The meeting was called to order by the temporary chairman, Mrs. Joe Zoeller. The business of electing officers was then taken up. The following officers were elected:

Mrs. Leroy Gerfers -- President
Mrs. J. I. Kneupper -- Vice President
Mrs. J. T. McCrocklin -- Secretary
Mrs. C. J. Bechtold -- Treasurer
Mrs. Eddie Krause -- Publicity Chairman
Mrs. Ben Hoerster -- Entertainment
Mrs. Oscar Kneupper -- Hospitality

It was voted to name the society "The Kendalia Community Club". The motive -- to improve the school and the welfare of the community.

Time -- 3rd Friday at seven o'clock
Place -- The Kendalia Schoolhouse

The club asked the two lower rooms to put on a membership drive and at the end of two months give a prize to the winning room.

It was decided to have games and refreshments at the next meeting.
The meeting was then adjourned until the 15th of November."

It was signed by Thelma Gerfers and Lessie McCrocklin

The group had three more meetings with the chief topics being how to raise money and the Christmas party for the school children. After purchasing a Santa suit, buying candy, etc. for the party, there was a balance of $9.78 in the treasury.

Rebirth of The Community Club

The Kendalia Community was reborn in 1958 after the Kendalia School was entirely consolidated with the Blanco School System and the Kendalia Community Club signed a 99-year lease with the BISD. There was no need to have a parent-teacher group at Kendalia. This reborn Kendalia Community Club included men.

A building of their own

In 2002, the Texas State Legislature passed a resolution that allowed local school districts to return buildings no longer being used as schools back to their communities. In the ensuing years the Community Club and members of the community dreamed of regaining ownership of the building for the community.

In 2009, an intense effort began to obtain ownership of the facilities for the community from the Blanco Independent School District. A delegation led by Kendall County Judge Schroeder, Darrel Lux [Kendall County Commissioner, Precinct 3], Donna Jonas [Kendalia Library Director] and former BISD employee Joy Brussel, presented an official request and documentation for return of the building to the community. The citizens of Kendall County had raised over $170K through grants and fund raisers over the years for capital improvements including installing a new roof, new electrical wiring, window repairs, a pavilion for community activities, and ADA-compliant restrooms to replace the original ones built in 1939. The building is a focus for community activities and serves as a polling place. Joy Brussel represented the community at subsequent follow-up meetings with the BISD board and presented a petition with over 350 signatures asking for the return of the building.

A dream realized

On September 13, 2010 at a meeting of the BISD board, the Kendalia Community delegation, along with numerous members of the Kendalia community attending in support, again made a request for the return of the building. After deliberations in executive session the resolution was carried by a vote margin of 5-2!

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