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Meeting Schedule

"2017 Meeting Dates and Hosts"

You are cordially invited to the Kendalia Community Club's monthly covered dish dinners held in the Community Center

Time: 7:00pm on the 1st Friday of each month

Date Host
January 6 T.B.D.
February 3 T.B.D.
March 3 T.B.D.
April 7 T.B.D.
May5 T.B.D.
June 2 T.B.D.
June 25 Kendalia Homecoming!!
July 7 T.B.D.
August 4 T.B.D.
September 1 T.B.D.
October 6 T.B.D.
November 3 T.B.D.
December 1 T.B.D.


"2017 Grounds Beautification"

Schedule & Host

Month Host
January T.B.D.
February T.B.D.
March T.B.D.
April T.B.D.
May T.B.D.
June T.B.D.
July T.B.D.
August T.B.D.
September T.B.D.
October T.B.D.
November T.B.D.
December T.B.D.