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Kendalia School District #14 (#1 - Garven)

[1910 - 1918]


Kendalia School District #14 - (Garven) was located map on the W.B. Garven place on property donated deed by W.B. Garven in August 1908. Records do not indicate whether a new school house was built in 1908 when the land was donated or later. Two local historians (Morris Edmondson & Leslie Gourley) stated that the school was located in the same pasture south of the Mountain Gap school location.


Although earliest records show the Mountain Gap School (1882) as the first school located in the Kendalia area, the first school with the Kendalia name was established with the donation of land by W.B. Garven in 1908.
The Kendalia school house was believed to have been constructed with new materials (instead of relocation of the old Mountain Gap school house) based upon the comments recorded by teacher T.E. Wood in 1896-97 for the Mountain Gap school. He noted that "the school was in very bad condition and is a shame and disgrace to civilization".

The Kendalia School District #14 school appears to have been at this location until 1918 when records indicate that the another school was built further south but west of Crabapple Road on the Leslie Gourley property. The KSD#14 -(Garven) school existed at this location for 12 years (1908-1918).


teachersThe earliest records for this school indicate that J.C. Neal was the teacher in 1910


students 1910 student listing and teacher J.C. Neal

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