Kendalia School District #14 (#3 - Kendalia Frame)

[1927 - 1940]


Kendalia School District #14 - (Kendalia-Frame) school was located map in Block #5 of the Kendalia Town Plat. towm plat Block #5 was noted in the town plat as the location for a future college (Mountain College).


There is not an identified reason why the school was relocated around 1927-28 from the Leslie Gourley location. A life long resident of the Kendalia area (Emil Kneupper) said that as a child in 1927 he watched the school house being moved from the Leslie Gourley property using horses and wagons to the Kendalia location.

The Kendalia School District #14 (Kendalia-Frame) school was at this location on Block #5 property for approximately 13 years. In 1940 it was replace with a 3 room native rock school constructed by the WPA (Works Progress Administration).


teachers The records indicate that Hedwig Sopp and Nannie Estes were the teachers in 1927


students 1934 list of students and teacher Jewell Anderson

*additional student listings are under research*


students 1927 group photo of students

names 1927 group photo student names

names 1927 group photo and student names

photo 1939 photo of some students and teacher Gerda Rausch

photo students 1940 photo of some students

photo article on 1928-29 teacher Annie McElroy

edge Photo of teacher Gordon Edge