Kendalia School District #14 (#2 - Gourley)

[1918 - 1927]


Kendalia School District #14 - (Gourley) was located map on the property of Leslie Gourley. Records indicate that this property was deeded to the school district since deed records indicate that the Gourley location property was sold back to Leslie Gourley when the school was moved.


There is not an identified reason why the school was relocated around 1917-18 from the Garven location. It is not known if the old Garven school house was relocated or a new school house was built. School records in 1917-18 by teacher Cecilia Woodall noted that the Garven school was in good condition and had a library of 60 books. It was reported (recollection of Leslie Gourley) that a new wooden building was built in 1925 to replace the old wooden building.

The Kendalia School District #14 school was at this location on the Leslie Gourley property for approximately 9 years. In 1927 it was moved to the townsite of Kendalia where the current school is located. There is no record in the school records why they school was moved at this time.


teachersThe records for this school indicate that Frieda Kessler was the teacher in 1918.


students 1919 list of students and teacher Frieda Kessler

student list1924 student listing and teacher Kathleen Cox

*additional student listings are under research*


students 1919 photo of students and teacher Frieda Kessler

photo 1924 photo of Easter Egg hunt at Kendalia School

students 1926 photo of Kendalia students and school.

students 1926-1928 photo of Kendalia students (Morris Edmondson is on the right holding bat)

Kressler Photo of teacher Frieda Kessler

photo Photo of teacher Hedwig Sopp