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Sheppard Creek School

[1897 - 1948]


Shepard Creek School was located map west of Kendalia. Currently available records do not indicate when the land was donated and the school built.


Although earliest records show Mountain Gap School as the first school located in the Kendalia area, a local historian (Leslie Gourley) recalled that there were also two other school in the general vicinity at that time. One was located on upper Curry's Creek (believed to be Sheppard Creek School) and the other on lower Curry's Creek (Curry Creek School).

Currently with only limited available records, it is not known who donated the land. The school was located on the Esser Ranch. The old small school building is now gone and only exists in memory and several photos.


teachers The earliest records indicate that the school existed in 1897, but the teacher is unknown. The earliest known teach was John Montgomery in 1905. The school records are somewhat sparse and nonexistence for several years during its initial years. The school existed for approximately 51 years.

list 1897 Sheppard Creek School information


student listing 1897 & 1899 student listing

student listing 1905 & 1913 student listing with teachers John Montgomery and Charlotte Carter

student listing 1919 student listing and teacher Selma Kessler

student listing 1922 student listing and teacher H. F. Thrism

student listing 1924 student listing and teacher helen C. Kutz

student listing 1926 student listing and teacher Zelma Hobrecht

student listing 1929 student listing and teacher Mrs. L. E. Gerfers

1932 student listing and teacher Leta East 1932 student listing and teacher Leta East

student listing 1934 & 1936 student listing teachers Mattie P. Kessler and Nannie Maud Summerville

student listing 1943 student listing and teacher Mrs. Mildred Fox

student listing 1945 student listing and teacher Stella Piper


*additional student listings are under research*


photo 1903 or 1908 possible photo of Sheppard Creek students

photo 1918 photo of students and teacher Ellen Schallenberg

photo 1928 photo of students and teacher Zelma Hobrecht (Gefers)

teacher 1936 teacher Nannie Maud Summerville

photo 1948 photo of students and teacher Marion Taylor

photo 1967 photo of students Calvin Woods & Walter(Buster) Herrin at the Sheppard Creek School

photo 197? photo of student Walter Herrin at the Sheppard Creek School

photo Photo of Sheppard Creek Classmates at School Reunion

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